Sunday, October 2, 2011

Next week the State Capitol, the week after that, the White House! Jacob is movin' and shakin'!


I haven't taken advantage of the CMN blog the way that I had hoped to! We've been a little busy preparing for and then welcoming our newest little blessing, Ezekiel James Paul. Zeke was born on September 14th and weighed 8lbs, 8oz. and was 20 in. long. He is a sweet little angel who has captured our hearts, and our sleep! Jacob is a VERY proud big brother!

CMN Champion Child Trip

October is here and the countdown to Jacob's trip with The Children's Miracle Network is on! On October 19th, Jacob, Jeff, Caleb, and Sarah will be heading to Orlando, Florida to celebrate with the children from other U.S. states as well as the children from Canada. It will be a full three days of award ceremonies and of course, Disney World! Then the children and families representing the U.S. will take a chartered plane to Washington D.C. to meet with Congressmen, see sights, and have a tour of the White House which usually includes meeting the President and First Lady!!

Traveling with a power wheelchair, ventilator, and oxygen is very complicated! Please be praying that
Jacob's equipment, medications, and supplies will be allowed on each plane (a total of 5), that his body will tolerate the altitude & the long days of travel, that Jeff, Sarah, & Caleb will be able to get the rest they need to care for Jacob for a whole week, that they ALL stay healthy up until and through the trip, and that God will just take care of all of the details as they travel and enjoy this amazing trip of a lifetime!

Ace Hardware Send-off Party

Ace Hardware is the leading sponsor for the Champion Child program and is planning to have a send-off party for Jacob this coming Wednesday, Oct. 5th at 1:00pm at the Sunrise & Swan location. I will get more details on Monday and would love to invite anyone who would like to join us to come.

Governor Brewer

On Tuesday, October 11th Jacob will be heading up to the Arizona State Capitol to meet our Governor, Jan Brewer. She is issuing an award to Jacob for his work with Children's Miracle Network. We are looking forward to taking the whole family up to Phoenix for this event. We are so proud of Jacob! It's so special to see him being blessed for his hard work, determination, great attitude in the midst of trials, and for the way that he inspires each of us.

Thank you so much for praying for Jacob and our family. Thank you for cheering us on, YOU are part of our story, because we could not be thriving the way that we are without your love and support! We will be doing more frequent updates as the trip nears and during the trip to share some of the exciting highlights!


Stacie, Jeff, Caleb, Jacob, Hannah, Rebekah, and Zeke Mockbee

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